HALF-DAY / $600

The 20 edits will be fully edited and retouched based on the client’s selection of raw proofs which will be available for review within 1-2 days of the photoshoot.

add-on : edited/retouched image +$25

One revision per edited image is included. A revision consists of the client requiring further editing after image delivery. If more than one revision is necessary to come to a final edit, each additional revision would be $5 per revision.

The delivery of images will be ready within 1 week after client selection. However, a deadline can be specified by the client if required by a particular date. If the deadline is shorter than 1 full week, an extra charge may be necessary.

add-on : 3-day rush delivery +$150

A non-refundable, half deposit of the total will be required at least 2 weeks prior to reserve/book the date. The date may be rescheduled two times by the client in case of adverse conditions such as weather, illness or similar emergencies, pending the approval by the studio/venue if any is being used.

The editing and retouching will be done representative to the current portfolio. Certain photo manipulations such as adding missing props, accessories, effects, or body transformations may not be possible or outside of my abilities. If such photo manipulations or similar are required, please specify before booking.

The full set of raw files is not included nor provided aside from the selection of included or additional edits. If the full set of (unedited) raws is required, it can be provided at an additional fee.

add-on : full set of raws +$300

The are no additional usage or licensing fees for any of the included or additional edits, nor for any of the included or additional raws. The client may perpetually use the images in a commercial context. After the client, the photographer reserves the right to use the edited images within the context of a professional portfolio.

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